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Why Give to LSU Health Foundation

A gift to the LSU Health Foundation makes an immediate impact and changes lives. Whether the gift benefits life-saving research or our future health care providers' education, your gift leaves a legacy of hope and health.

Message from the Interim President

It has been my pleasure to work with and for the students, alumni, faculty, staff and patients who make up our LSU Health community. Even after 20 years here, I am consistently amazed and awed by the research and community outreach programs at LSU Health.

The six schools that make up the LSU Health Sciences Center are the hidden gems of New Orleans and Louisiana. We want to connect you to LSU Health’s latest discoveries, innovations and news. Within this website are the stories that inspire us, and we hope that they inspire you.

We are confident you will be as moved as we are by the doctors and researchers changing the lives of military veterans and civilian amputees and how one New Orleans’ legend challenged his children to work to find a cure for cancer.

Your gift to the LSU Health Foundation supports the important work happening here day in and day out. Help us help them as they discover, teach, heal and serve.

Thank you for visiting our website.


Denise Flock-Williams
Interim President


The LSU Health Connection

All year long, team members of your LSU Health Foundation New Orleans work with the faculty, researchers, students and families who are engaged with six New Orleans based schools and eight Centers of Excellence to determine where funds are needed immediately and where they will be needed in the future. We do our best to learn about what’s happening on campus, while monitoring achievements and successes produced by the efforts there. We share the University’s success and challenges with the community. We share the University’s successes and challenges with the community and nurture relationships to increase awareness for the vital and valuable programs that generous donations benefit. We provide the utmost integrity to our donors and the promise of professional fund management so that each gift can make the maximum benefit to the program it is meant to build. Our goal is to connect your passions with important programs, so you can best decide on the impact your gift to LSU Health will make. We want to know what you really care about – what would give you the most satisfaction.

When we match your passion with great programs and people, great things happen. Let’s connect!

LSU Health Foundation History

The Foundation was formed in 1988 and organized as a nonprofit, tax-exempt, public charity to support and promote the charitable, scientific and educational mission of the LSU Health Sciences Center. Incorporation was guided by the School of Medicine Alumni Association supporting the LSU Medical Center. In 1999, the LSU campus transitioned to become the LSU Health Sciences Center comprised of six schools: Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Allied Health Professions, Public Health and Graduate Studies. The Foundation also transitioned to become a support organization for the six schools and executed a uniform affiliation agreement with the LSU System in 1999 defining its role as a recognized LSU affiliated organization. Through its current and past leadership, the Foundation’s assets have grown from $2 million in 1988 to over $100 million today.