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On the 50th anniversary of the founding of LSU Health Sciences School of Dentistry, we’d like to introduce you to some of the people who make our community of alumni, students, faculty, and staff so very special. Feel free to scroll, read, and connect. And if you are inspired to share, we hope you will drop us a line and tell us your LSU Health School of Dentistry story!

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Meet Dr. Kristi M. Soileau, New Orleans, Louisiana

Dr. Kristi M. Soileau is an LSUSD graduate practicing in New Orleans, Louisiana. She grew up in the Feliciana parishes, and her parents are from Evangeline and St. Landry parishes. Dr. Soileau is married to Brother Martin-UNO orthodontist Dr. David DeGenova, who she met while he was at LSUSD for residency. Together, they have three sons in their twenties.

Before attending LSUSD, Dr. Soileau graduated from Silliman Institute in Clinton, and then Southeastern Louisiana University. She also attended Northeastern, McNeese, and LSU Baton Rouge universities, and has two master’s degrees: one in education from University of New Orleans and one in healthcare ethics from Creighton University.

Dr. Soileau believed she would like dentistry, but her time at LSUSD helped her grow to love it. She was drawn to and fulfilled by the repeated and personal interaction with patients as well as “talking shop” with cohorts. She is passionate about dentists having a united front through membership in organized dentistry and believes concerted efforts through education, volunteerism, and political action must be maintained or, one day, we may not recognize the profession as we know it now.

Dr. Soileau is involved with many volunteer efforts, allowing her to still have productive and satisfying days even when things are slow at the office. Her hobbies include reading legal novels, 5:00 AM workouts on weekdays, and making her legendary Chex Mix – which takes 36 hours to make. And yes, she does share her “secret” recipes.

“I would encourage every dentist, including new graduates, to give of their time, talent, and treasure as they are able. I am confident of the fact that whatever a person gives to his profession will return to him in indirect, yet advantageous ways. If one takes a moment to recognize these, such benefits will be so obviously rewarding, that giving of oneself will become a natural part of his or her everyday dental career.”
– Dr. Kristi M. Soileau


Meet Jacob Roger Smith, Hammond, Louisiana

Jacob Roger Smith is a first-year dental student from Hammond, Louisiana, and will be the first doctor of his family. He chose dentistry as his future profession in his last year of high school due to the wonderful benefits of meaningful patient care, flexible working environments, and relative job security.

Before attending LSU Dental School, Jacob graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a concentration in Biological Sciences.

Jacob is passionate about public access to dental care and diversity among providers.

You might not know that Jacob supports animal adoption, and after adopting his own dog, Sugar, he started a yearly tradition of having a pet adoption on his undergraduate campus. One of Jacob’s favorite activities is attending live music concerts. He has seen Stevie Nicks, Journey, Taylor Swift, and many more popular music acts.

“I want to be able to provide positive interaction to patients who are afraid or have had unpleasant dental experiences in the past.”
– Jacob Roger Smith


Meet Dr. Ike House, Shreveport, Louisiana

Dr. Ike House is a graduate of the LSUSD class of 1984. He is a member of the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry representing the seventh district, on the board of directors for the LSUSD Alumni Association, the Secretary and an examiner for the Council of Interstate Testing Agencies (CITA), Master in the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), past president of the northwest component of the Louisiana Dental Association (LDA), and recently was honored with a nomination and acceptance as a member of the American College of Dentists.

Dr. House was born in Houston, TX where he lived for five years before moving to Arkansas, Tennessee, and Shreveport at age ten. Before attending LSUSD, Dr. House attended LSU in Baton Rouge earning a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in biochemistry.

When choosing his future career, Dr. House decided on dentistry because it combined many of the things he wanted in a working environment such as helping people, scientific connection, patient communication, the freedom to work autonomously, not having to work in a hospital, and having an air-conditioned work environment.

He is passionate about regulatory matters including testing. Further, Dr. House believes it takes four or more years to train someone to be an adequate dentist, and less than adequately trained dentists have no place in modern healthcare. He thinks that common sense solutions such as government help with student debt would benefit dentistry and patient access to quality care.

Dr. House’s main message to dentists today is to get involved in issues even if they do not have a daily impact on treating patients. Dentists can do this by being involved with the LDA/ADA and AGD as well as keeping up with relevant debates on education and regulation that can have important consequences for the dentistry profession.

You might not know that Dr. House has played classical violin most of his life. He was in the Baton Rouge Symphony, LSU Orchestra, and the Marshall Symphony of Texas and has played with artists such as Barry White and Floyd Kramer.

Today, with his busy career and many involvements, Dr. House still finds time to practice playing the guitar. He is also a shepherd/pastor at the University Church of Christ in Shreveport and enjoys the gratifying challenge of spiritually guiding others. Lastly, Dr. House is a big New Orleans Saints and LSU fan but is still a Texan at heart with a love of storytelling.

Dr. House is currently the president of the LSU Health School of Dentistry Alumni Association. His children, Drs. Rueben House and Brittany House, are both graduates of LSUSD.

“I want to encourage everyone to give their 100% support to LSUSD and Dean Gremillion both financially and vocally. Without the dental school and those who went before and did the things that I, and others, are doing now, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I am grateful for all those who have given so unselfishly in the past and strive to give back to my school and profession.”
– Dr. Ike House


Meet Dr. Kenneth “Dick” DuBois, New Orleans, Louisiana

Dr. Kenneth “Dick” DuBois is a D3 operative dentistry instructor at LSU School of Dentistry. He is the oldest of ten children from West Virginia but has lived in New Orleans since 1975.

You might not know that dentistry runs in Dr. DuBois’s family. His son graduated from LSUSD in 2009 and now practices general dentistry in New Orleans. Also, his daughter Anne DuBois graduated in dental hygiene and has returned to LSUSD to be part of the DDS Class of 2021.

Dr. DuBois became interested in dentistry because of the relationship he had with his uncle who was a dentist.

Before his time at LSUSD, Dr. DuBois graduated from WVU Dental School. After he immediately came to New Orleans for a two-year general practice residency program at Charity Hospital and LSU School of Dentistry. Through this program, Dr. DuBois had his first experiences teaching clinical dentistry and realized he loved it.

In the following years, Dr. DuBois often considered returning to LSUSD to teach, and when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, he had the opportunity.

Dr. DuBois was privileged to teach his son and hopes to also teach his daughter, Anne, in her third year. He is most passionate about keeping our dental community connected and friendly with one another.

“I find camaraderie blossoms here at LSUSD. This openness and willingness to help one another helps us be better dentists.”
– Dr. Kenneth “Dick” DuBois


Meet Ms. Lynn Pittman, New Orleans, Louisiana

Ms. Lynn Pittman is the administrative assistant in the Office of the Dean at LSU Health School of Dentistry. Though she was born and raised in New Orleans, her father came to the United States from Honduras and her mother was originally from Goudeau, LA.

Ms. Pittman has two daughters. Her oldest is a sophomore at University of New Orleans (UNO) majoring in biological sciences, and her youngest is a sophomore at McDonogh 35 High School participating in cheerleading and track. They are pictured here along with a streetcar arrangement in memory of Ms. Pittman’s late husband Sean Pittman. Mr. Pittman was a New Orleans streetcar driver for many years before his passing in February 2018.

Before her time at LSUSD, Ms. Pittman graduated from Alfred Lawless Senior High School in 1985, and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration from UNO in 1990. Her friend, who was employed by LSUSD at the time, recommended Ms. Pittman for her job. So, she interviewed, was hired and has been at LSUSD ever since.

Ms. Pittman wears many hats and goes far above and beyond her administrative duties to make our school better for students. Professional courtesy is a strong value for Ms. Pittman. She believes that everyone at our school should be committed to showing the utmost courtesy and attention to patients as well as to each other as professionals.

You may not know that Ms. Pittman enjoys playing the clarinet. She has even sung a song by Diana Ross and the Supremes at the LSUSD Talent Show in 2004, an event that she believes our school should host once again.

“My favorite part of this job is the students. I do whatever I can to help them be the best young professionals they can be.”
– Lynn Pittman


Meet Lillie Bourgeois, Des Allemands, Louisiana

Lillie Bourgeois is the class president of the LSUSD dental laboratory technology class of 2018. She is from Des Allemands, Louisiana, deep in the heart of bayou country.

Lillie has always been interested in the medical field, and she decided to pursue dental laboratory technology in high school after job shadowing and attending career fairs.

Painting is one of Lillie’s favorite activities, especially Louisiana themed scenes. Her interest in art made dental laboratory technology an ideal fit for her future career.

Before attending LSUSD, Lillie attended Nicholls State University where she graduated with a concentration in Biological Sciences in 2016. Lillie is passionate about the application of digital dentistry. She believes it is the future of patient care and will improve patient experience, save chair-side time, and provide more accurate results in the years to come.

You might not know that Lillie’s favorite hobby is fishing. She loves to be out on the water and reel in the biggest catch of the day. In the future, Lillie looks forward to being able to apply the knowledge and skills she learned in the LSUSD dental laboratory technology program over the past two years.

“I get to use my artistic skills to restore patients’ smiles and confidence, which is the most rewarding feeling!”
– Lillie Bourgeois


Meet Dr. Sally Daly, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Dr. Sally Daly is an LSUSD Class of 1995 graduate that practices dentistry throughout Louisiana and southeast Texas through her mobile practice Fleur de Lis Mobile Dental Care. She is originally from Mississippi, but has also lived in Arizona, Missouri, and Alabama.

Before her time at LSUSD, Dr. Daly attended high school in Picayune, MS followed by earning a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Biology and Chemistry at Auburn University. After, she attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa where she earned a Master of Science in Secondary Education. She taught high school chemistry, biology, and math for several years in Tuscaloosa and Mobile, and she still has a love for teaching which she channels into helping new dental graduates when possible.

In the year before Dr. Daly started dental school, she worked as a research associate in Microbiology at LSUSD. Here she met many faculty and students. Upon seeing their passion for helping people, she gained a new respect for dentistry, and when allowed the opportunity to shadow a local dentist, she chose to pursue a career in dentistry.

Dr. Daly interviewed at LSUSD in 1991 and met her future husband, alumnus Dr. Nelson Daly, for the first time. He was a sophomore class officer, and they ate lunch together during her interview day. After crossing paths several times in the following months, the two started dating and became engaged her senior year. They were married on May 19, 1995, and the following day, she graduated from LSUSD.

Throughout dental school, Dr. Daly had to balance being a single mother to her then three-year-old daughter, Lesley. Lesley quickly became an honorary class member accompanying her mother to study sessions in the library, after-hours work in the seventh-floor pre-clinical labs, and Friday afternoon TGIFs on a regular basis.

While many of her classmates wondered how she balanced parenthood and school, Dr. Daly maintains that Lesley helped keep her grounded and in touch with the important things in life. They have fond memories together at LSUSD, and Lesley is currently in school pursuing a career in the medical field.

Dr. Daly is passionate about dental care for the elderly. In 2014, she started Fleur de Lis Mobile Dental Care to provide quality dental care to nursing home residents. Two years later, Dr. Daly merged her private practice with her husband’s to focus her full attention on Fleur de Lis Mobile Dental Care.

She cares for residents in two mobile dental units and has had the privilege to work with several dentists over the past few years to provide care to residents in over 75 homes. Dr. Daly is always looking for caring professionals to join the Fleur de Lis Mobile Dental Care family in caring for senior citizens who typically do not get the level of dental care they need.

Just in case you were wondering, Dr. Daly bleeds purple and gold. Despite never attending LSU Baton Rouge and graduating from UAB during the Bear Bryant heyday, LSU School of Dentistry won her heart, and now she is a Tiger fan for life! GO TIGERS!

“It is more fun to be the dentist than it is to go to the dentist. I love the hands-on aspect of dentistry, and I love the relationship a dentist has with patients.”
– Dr. Sally Daly