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Krewe De Bronze

Honoring Our Donors

Krewe De Bronze

We thank our donors who made a gift during the previous fiscal year, July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021.

Krewe De Bronze – $1,000 – $2,499

A. Fred McMullen, III, DDS

Acme Oyster House

Alan Braaten

Alexis L. Morvant, MD

Alfred Delaune, Jr.

Amy and David Moore Charitable Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas

Andre’ M. and Roberta S. Rubenstein

Andrea C. Trader-McKenna, MD and John Paul McKenna, MD

Andy Pellett

Angelo Annaloro, Jr., MD and Robin Annaloro

Anjum S. Cheema, MD

Anthony W. Bartels III, DDS

Antoinette M. Bannister, MD

Ashley Azevedo, DDS and Benjamin Azevedo, MD

Atwater Kent Foundation, Inc.

Benjamin Springgate, MD

Betty P. Lo, MD and Christopher M. Blais, MD

Blaine A. Thomas, MD

Brent D. Videau, MD and Louise Videau

Brian G. LeBon, DDS

Brian J. Marino, MD

Brian M. Barkemeyer, MD and Michelle H. Barkemeyer

Brian P. Jakes, Sr.

Brittany G. House, DDS

C. Winston Bolinger, MD

Caremark Rx, Inc.

Carl W. Churchman, Jr., DDS and Mary S. Churchman, DDS

Caroline R. Cobb, DDS

Casey A. Murphy, MD and Sarah Murphy

Centene Corporation

Charles and Cameron Mayer

Charles and Patricia Hunter

Charles E. Eckert, MD and Marie Eckert

Christopher A. Olson, DDS

Christopher M. Foret, MD and Julie Foret

Christy G. Mumphrey, MD

Cochlear Americas

Daniel A. Leis, DDS

Daniel and Michelle Daigle

Daniel B. Lestage, MD and Helen Lestage

Daniel I. Dial, M.D. Class of 1993

Daniel W. Nuss, MD and Wilma Nuss

David E. Dassey, MD

David G. Fourrier, MD

David L. Toups, MD and Lauren L. Davis-Toups, MD

Dennis J. Paul, Ph.D.

Dennis R. Preau, DDS

Douglas Leonovicz, MD

Douglas T. Talley, Jr., DDS

Dr. A. Joanne Gates and Marilyn McConnell

Dr. and Mrs. G. Michael Blanchard, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Bennett

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Juneau, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard T. Gallagher

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lane

Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Beyer III

Dr. and Mrs. William A. Keaty

Dr. and Mrs. William R. Ledoux

Dr. Bryan A. Manning

Dr. Chris Robinson

Dr. H. Lance Donald

Dr. Jeffrey J. Seiler

Dr. Luis Gabriel and Audrea Uribe

Dr. Ralph W. Wilson, Jr.

Dr. Rudolph Linhuber

Dr. Sherrod L. Quin

Dr. Theresa Joseph Bolus

Dr. Via Cuisia and Dr. Darshan A. Dabir

Drs. David and Adriana Wilson

Drs. David DeGenova and Kristi Soileau

Drs. Leo and Carolyn Hebert

Drs. Michael Bond and Johnnie Hunt

Drs. Michael* and Kathryn Bond Ferry

Drs. Sally and Nelson Daly

Earl Carmichael

Edward J. Trapido, ScD, FACE

Elvira Chiccarelli, MD, Capt. USAF

Eric M. Jahde, DDS

Eric W. Bridges, MD and Cindy Bridges

F. Carter Nance, MD and Patricia T. Nance

F. Gary Cunningham, MD

Felix G. Rabito, Jr., MD and Mary F. Rabito

Frank L. Fazio, MD

Fred H. Rodriguez, Jr., MD and Susan M. Rodriguez

G. Michael Davis, DDS

Gary R. Glynn, MD

Gary V. DeWitt, DDS


Gehron P. Treme, MD and Michelle J. Treme

George D. McClelland, Jr., MD

Gerald Cohen, MD, FACS

Gregory P. Guerra, DDS

Gregory S. Bienvenu, MD

Gretchen Renee’ Helmstetter, CPA LLC

Guy P. Zeringue, Jr., MD and Jane G. Zeringue

Gwendolyn C. Corbett, DDS

Harold A. Fuselier, Jr., MD and Ann V. Fuselier

Hemostasis, LLC

Hisham F. Nasr, DDS

Hoang V. Tran, DDS

Hong Xin, MD, Ph. D.

J. Chris Winters, MD and Elizabeth D. Winters, MD

Jacquelyn Daniels

Jaimie Clodfelter, DO

James A. Simonds, DMD

James B. Falterman, Jr., MD

James M. Brown III, MD

James M. Cairo, Ph.D. and Rhonda L. Cairo

Jane H. Nalty

Jane M. Eason, Ph. D.

Jane Peek Bond, MD

Jason J. Durel, MD

Jay R. Silverstein, MD and Stacy Silverstein

Jeanne M. Martin, MD

Jeffrey J. Sketchler, MD and Shelly P. Sketchler

Jeffrey M. Snitzer, DDS

Jeffrey M. Ward, DDS

Jeffrey P. Chicola, MD and Jan Chicola

Jeffrey W. Surcouf, MD

Jeremy D. Smith, DDS

Jessica C. Rivera, MD

Jessica Patrick-Esteve, MD

John N. Kent, DDS

John P. Hunt III, MD

John T. Cole, MD and Lois Mailander, MD

Johnny L. Black, DDS

Johnny R. Porter, Ph.D. and Terry C. Porter

Jon S. Palmintier, MD and Joan Palmintier

Jonathan L. Foret, MD

Katherine St. Amant, MD and Sam McClugage, Ph.D.

Kathleen R. Wren, Ph. D. and Timothy L. Wren

Katie Moffit, DDS


Kearny Q. Robert III, MD and Kathleen Robert

Keith A. Yount, DDS

Keith G. Goodfellow, MD

Kelly L. Babineaux, MD

Kendra Scott Baton Rouge

Kendra Scott Metairie

Kenneth A. Buddendorff III, MD

Kevin B. Riche’, MD and Catherine Riche

Kimberly V. Cheramie

Kris Kiefer

Kristopher C. Sirmon, MD and Hillary Sirmon

L. Glen Mire, MD

Larry J. Doiron, Sr. and Frances Doiron

Laurinda T. Graves

LCMC Health

Leon C. LaHaye, MD

Lesley Stabinsky Compton and Ronald R. Compton

Lindsay Maples, DMD

Lisa B. David, MD

Lisa M. Campeau, MD

Louisiana Society of Periodontists

Luca Falcone Custom Clothiers

Lucien S. Miranne, Jr., MD

Lynn and Emile Naquin

Magnolia Pediatrics

Marcia S. Voors

Maria C. Wilson, MD

Mark A Pigno, DDS

Mark Damerau, DMD

Mei-Chin Hsieh

Michael D. Hanks, MD and Jennifer Hanks

Michael D. McCormick, DDS and Dawn D. McCormick

Michael L. Madden, MD

Michael L. Nance, MD

Michael Levy, MD

Michael O. Bourns, DDS

Michelle C. Knecht, MD

Michelle L. Juneau, MD

Michelle Patin Foote, MD

Minhly N. Gaylor, MD

Murtuza J. Ali, MD

Nancy and Bennie Nobles

Nathan R. Bolden, MD

Ollie G. Christian

Pacific Dental Services

Patricia Pearce

Patrick Greiffenstein, MD

Patrick M. Weimer, DDS

Paul C. Riley Sr., DDS and Candace J. Riley

Paul Farabaugh, MD

Paul T. Gaudet, MD and Carol C. Gaudet

Paulino Castellon, DDS

Philip T. Bird, DDS

Pine Belt Dental, PLLC

Pramod V. Menon, MD

Ralph F. Capdeville and Maureen C. Capdeville

Randall L. Brown, MD and Debbie Brown

Randolph L. Roig, MD

Randy T. Gauthreaux, DDS

Raymond E. Haik, Jr., MD and Karen A. Haik

Renee S. Harris, MD and Steve Harris

Reuben C. House, DDS

Richard C. Vinci

Richard D. Guthrie, Jr., MD and Joan Guthrie

Richard T. Romano, DDS

Richard W. Waguespack, MD

Riley M. Parker

Robert C. Mipro, Jr., MD

Robert C. Weissmann III, MD and Ann Weissmann

Robert J. David, Jr.

Robert J. Turner III, MD and Ellise Turner

Robert L. Delarosa, Jr., DDS

Robert L. Marier, MD and Joanne C. Marier

Robert M. Branstetter III, MD and Kelly R. Branstetter

Robert M. Grill, DDS

Rohan R. Walvekar, MD and Seema Walvekar, MD

S. Derby Gisclair

S. Jay Waguespack, DDS

Samuel J. Lorenzo, MD and Debra Lorenzo

Sandy Parrott, DDS and Carolyn Parrott

Sanjeeva T. Reddy, MD

Scott D. Mayers, MD

Scott M. Hannaman, DDS

Scott P. Gardiner, MD and Lori Gardiner

Sean Stevens, Ph. D.

Selma S. Stone

Shane Brien, DDS

Sharon D. Sims, DDS

Society For Vascular Surgery

Southeastern Louisiana Area Health Education Center

Southwestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry

Sree Karukonda, Sr., MD

Stan P. Cowley III, DDS

Steve Hart, DDS

Steven E. Pillow, MD and Michelle Pillow

Steven Zambrano, DDS

Stewart Therapy Services LLC

Stuart I. Phillips, MD and Ida Fattel, MD

Superior Real Estate Investments

Suzanne K. Farrar and Gresham T. Farrar, DMD*

T. Bradley Edwards, MD

Terry M. Kelly, DDS

The Elsie Gelpi Rubin Foundation

The Leger Family Foundation

The McClung Family Fund of

Foundation for Roanoke Valley

The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans

The Shu and Phenix Cheuk Fund

Thomas G. McKenna, DDS

ThuHa N. Pham, MD

Tito’s Vodka

Valerie A. Kickhoefer

Vincent R. Forte, MD

Viviana C. Falco, MD

Wade J. Estopinal, MD

Walmart Foundation

William “Brent” Gray

William Kenneth Morgan II, DDS

William M. and Kathleen R. Gray

Woehler Research Group

Xiao-Cheng Wu, MD