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Annual Giving Friends

Honoring Our Donors

Annual Giving Friends

We thank our donors who made a gift during the previous fiscal year, July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

Annual Giving Friends ‑ $1,000.00+

Dr. Kathy M. Abbott

Acadiana Computer Systems, Inc.

Richard M. Adams, Jr., MD

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Adatto

Advanced Bionics, LLC

Adventist Health Corporate Office

Robert B. Akenhead, MD

Dr. George I. Alexander, Jr.

Robert A. Alexander, MD

Murtuza J. Ali, MD

Allergan USA, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. K. Kumar Amaraneni

American Academy of Neurology Institute

American College of Physicians

Julie A. Anderson, MD

Robert G. Anding, MD

Angling Adventures of Louisiana

Angelo Annaloro, Jr., MD




AR Dentistry & Braces

Frank J. Arena, MD

The Armamentarium, Inc.

Dr. Abdallah Awada

David J. Bailey, MD

Dr. David A. Balhoff

George H. Barbier, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Brian M. Barkemeyer

Robin J. Barry, MD

Charles D. Belleau, MD

Benevis, LLC

Dr. S. Douglas Ber

Maurice L. Bercier, MD

Dr. Frederick P. Beringer, Jr.

Ronald P. Bernadas, Jr., MD

Matthew T. Bernard, MD

Kathleen M. Beuttler, MD

William A. Beuttler, MD

Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights

Henry J. Bienert, MD

Gregory S. Bienvenu, MD

Dr. Philip T. Bird

Dr. and Mrs. Bradley C. Black

James H. Blackburn II, MD

Terri W. Blackburn, MD

Lea M. Blackwell, MD

Christopher M. Blais, MD

Mr. Thomas Blaney

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

Blue Marlin Cave

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Boh

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Bok

Boneafide Orthopaedics, Inc.

Dr. Scott E. Bonson

R. Douglas Bostick III, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Lionel P. Bourgeois

Jody S. Brahney, MD

Brasseler USA

Dr. Todd Brasuell

Mr. Walter J. Braud III

Barry J. Breaux, MD

Rachel A. Breaux, MD

Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Brice III

Eric W. Bridges, MD

Dr. Mala A. Britto

Ms. Julie Broy

Dr. Karen J. Bruggers

Drs. Andre and Jessica Bruni

Kenneth A. Buddendorff III, MD

William S. Bundrick, Sr., MD

Maria R. Burmaster, DDS

Mr. R. V. Burns, Sr.

Butcher and Associates

Dr. and Mrs. J. David Buttross, Jr.

J. Michael Cage, MD

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Cairo

Lisa M. Campeau, MD

Drs. Linda T. Cao and Phuong Nguyen

Cardiology and Emergency Physician Services, LLC

Caribbean Accreditation Authority

Dr. Matthew Carlisle

Drs. David Carlton III and Courtney Richter-Carlton

Carrington Mason Family LTD Partnership

Dr. and Mrs. Philip L. Carruth

Mr. Raymond T. Carter

Thaddeus C. Carter, MD

Dr. Gary L. Caskey

Dr. Harry K. Castle

Vince D. Cataldo, MD

Catholic Communal Fund

Drs. Charles and Jean Cefalu

Central Louisiana Dental Association

Frederick P. Cerise, MD

Clay S. Chandler, MD, DDS

Dr. Mark S. Chaney

Dr. Charles W. Chappuis and Dr. Cynthia A. Glass

Dr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Chastant

Dr. Vivien W. Chen and Mr. Richard Swenson

Mr. and Mrs. Owen T. Choate

Aimee M. Christian, MD

Dr. Ollie G. Christian

Drs. Carl and Mary Churchman

Dr. Drew Clement

Mr. Neil T. Clewell

Cochlear Americas

David T. Coffin, MD

Dr. Mary T. Coleman

Colgate Speakers Bureau

Dr. and Mrs. Sean M. Collins

The Children of Keith Collins, MD

Dr. Randy Comeaux

Ms. Lesley Stabinsky Compton

Regina M. Conrad-Foret, MD

Kelvin J. Contreary, MD

Vonni G. Contreary, MD

Drs. Charles and Jeannine Cook

Dr. Kitrina G. Cordell

Michael E. Cormier, MD

Dr. Aymee D. Costales-Spindler

Dr. and Mrs. Jacques Courseault

Covington Dental Care

Larry A. Cowley, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Terry G. Creel

Dr. Marianne Cruse

Dr. Zenaida Elvira Cuisia

Mr. Leonard Culicchia

Culicchia Neurological Clinic, LLC

F. Gary Cunningham, MD

Dr. Darshan Ashok Dabir

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Daigle

Drs. Nelson and Sally Daly

Darryl Berger Investment Corp.

Dr. David F. Davenport

Drs. Tal and Erin David

Dr. G. Michael Davis

Lauren L. Davis-Toups, MD

Annelies L. De Wulf, MD

Ms. Kathleen A. DeBruhl

Mr. Ricky Decastro

William J. Defee III, MD

Scott E. Delacroix, Jr., MD

Dr. Nora E. Delgado

Delta Dental Insurance Co.

Dental Dreams, LLC

Depuy Orthopaedics, Inc.

Kamlesh M. Desai, MD

William O. DeWeese, MD

Dr. Gary V. DeWitt

Dr. Damon M. Dietrich

Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. DiLeo

Dr. Robert E. Dilworth

Ms. Shirley S. Doiron

Dr. H. Lance Donald

Dr. and Mrs. David Scott Donaldson

Francis N. Donner, Jr., MD

Dr. Patrick W. Dooley

Dr. K. Richard Du Bois II, DDS

Dr. Glenn C. Dubroc, Jr.

Dr. Jeffrey Dugas

Whitney and Pam Duplantis

Ms. Renee Durham-Baron

Dr. Jane M. Eason

Thomas B. Edwards, MD

Jeffrey M. Elder, MD

Clyde E. Elliott, MD

Dr. Lee S. Engel

Paul Farabaugh, MD

Frank L. Fazio, MD

Dr. Paul L. Fidel, Jr.

Fidelity Investments

Dr. and Mrs. Julio E. Figueroa II

Dr. David Daniel Finley

Marc A. Fisher, MD

Dr. Cathi E. Fontenot and

Mr. Frank Modica

Chris P. Fontenot, MD

Dr. Elizabeth Fontham and

Mr. Michael Fontham

Michelle Patin Foote, MD

Edison J. Foret, MD

Gerald L. Foret, MD

Dr. K. Shane Fowler

Cynthia C. Fox, MD

Dr. Charles B. Foy, Jr.

Dr. George P. Franco II

Dr. Andre M. Fruge

Dr. C. Farrell Fruge, Jr., DDS

Dr. J. Bradley Fruge

Dr. and Mrs. James F. Fruge, Jr.

Fruge Orthodontics

Dr. Juli C. Fung

Dr. and Mrs. Harold A. Fuselier, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Gallagher

Dr. Carol J. Galliano II

Dr. and Mrs. Jay P. Garg

Mr. and Mrs. John Gary

Dr. and Mrs. Paul T. Gaudet

Dr. Eric T. Geist

George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts, Inc.

Gifted Nurses, LLC

Dr. Pinkney H. Gilchrist IV

Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Mason P. Gilfoil, Jr., MD

Scott M. Gioe, MD

Dr. and Mrs. D. Luke Glancy, Sr.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

John R. Gleason, MD

Gary R. Glynn, MD

Keith G. Goodfellow, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Sander J. Gothard

Dr. and Mrs. William David Granberry

Dr. William B. Grand

Glynn A. Granger, MD

Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation

Dr. Henry A. Gremillion

Christopher P. Grenier, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Griffin

R. Parker Griffith, Jr., MD

Ms. Lauren A. Griffiths

Linda A. Groene, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd J. Gueringer, Jr.

Gregory B. Gullung, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Scott J. Habetz

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Hagen

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Haik, Jr.

Dr. Meredith M. Hall

Michael D. Hall, MD

Heather L. Halton, MD

Cynthia W. Hanemann, MD

Thomas A. Hansbrough, MD

Dr. Bradley W. Hathaway

Dr. Michael H. Hayman

Dr. Christina D. Head

Carolyn S. Hebert, MD

Catherine M. Hebert, MD

Kenneth J. Hebert, MD, MBA

Leo P. Hebert, Jr., MD

Dr. Catherine Hebert Carpenter

Ann Heikkinen, MD

Ludwig C. Heintz, MD

Henry Schein, Inc.

Numa C. Hero III, MD

Laura T. Hetzler, MD

L. Leighton Hill, MD

Drs. Van and Mabel Himel

Michael N. K. Ho, MD

Jeffrey C. Houin, Jr., MD

Dr. Brittany House

Dr. and Mrs. Ike House

Mr. and Mrs. Whit Huguley

Dr. Glenn E. Hummel

Lester E. Hurrelbrink III, MD

Drs. Eric and Brandy Hyde


Dr. and Mrs. James R. Jachimowicz

Myron H. Jacobs, MD

Mr. Brian P. Jakes, Sr.

Richard C. Jarrell, MD

Sanjiv K. Jindia, MD

Dr. Blair T. Johnson

Jones Walker, L.L.P.

Jonathan M. Joseph, MD

Dr. Mark and Jeanne Juneau

Peter W. Karam, MD

Stephen P. Katz, MD

Dr. Luke B. Kauffman

Alan D. Kaye, MD

Brian W. Kelley, MD

Dr. Glenn M. Kidder

Sunyoung Kim, PhD

Dr. and Mrs. Russell C. Klein

Dr. Evelyn A. Kluka

Peter C. Krause, MD

Rachel C. Kruspe, MD

Haden A. Lafaye, MD

Dr. Rodrigo Lagos

Ronald M. Lahasky, MD

Leon C. LaHaye, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Landry

Dr. Ronald D. Landry

Dr. Ann K. Laurent

Lauricella Land Company Foundation

Dr. John G. Lazzara

LCMC Health

Dr. John K. Legleu, Jr.

Paul A. LeLorier, MD

Mr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Leonard

Lawrence C. Leventhal, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Louis W. Levin

F. Jeff Liner, Jr., MD

Mrs. Connie Marie Livas-Cottman

Betty P. Lo, MD

Mr. Stephen A. Loeb

Samuel J. Lorenzo, MD

Louisiana Chapter of the American College of Physicians

Louisiana Society of Periodontists

Louisiana State Medical Society Alliance

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Lovelace III

Dr. Edward Lowenstein

Herbert M. Loyd, MD

Lumadent, Inc.

Dr. Austin Lutz

Dr. Thomas W. Mabry

Macy’s Corporate Services, Inc.

Michael L. Madden, MD

Timothy P. Maher, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Neil J. Maki

Dr. Hector R. Maldonado, Jr.

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Bruce D. Manne

David V. Maraist, MD

Brian J. Marino, MD

Jeanne M. Martin, MD

Dr. Jeffrey L. Martin

Dr. and Mrs. Jorge Alan Martinez

Mary Family Foundation

Ms. Carrie Mason

Dr. Louis L. Mason

Dr. Andy Mayer and Dr. Georgia McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Mayer

Scott D. Mayers, MD

M. Angela Mayeux

Clinton G. McAlister, MD

Darron C. McCann, MD

Samuel G. McClugage, PhD

Dr. James M. McCormick

Paul W. McCormick, MD

Dr. Gregg W. McKenzie

James J. McKinnie, MD

Dr. George T. McKnight

Dr. and Mrs. John E. McLachlan, Sr.

Dr. Thomas E. McNeely

Med El Corporation

Mr. Gregory M. Meier

Robert C. Mercadel, MD

Dr. Donald Mercante

Dr. Billy C. Michal

Dr. S. Troy Miller

Dr. Quinton W. Miner, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Moerschbaecher III

Dr. and Mrs. Moinuddin H. Mokhashi

Dr. Miguel F. Molina

Mr. and Mrs. William Moody

Morgan Stanley

John E. Morrison, Jr., MD

Maury K. Morrison, MD

Mr. Matt Mouras

Julius H. Mullins, Jr., MD

Dr. Andrew G. Murphy

Dr. and Mrs. F. Carter Nance

Michael L. Nance, MD

Dr. Hisham F. Nasr

John P. Neary, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Steve Nelson

Drs. Scott Neusetzer and Jeannette Chassaignac

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Foundation, Inc.

New Orleans Nephrology Assoc., LLC

Dr. Diane C. Newman

William P. Newman III, MD

Anh T. Nguyen, MD

Huy L. Nguyen, MD

Dr. Vinh T. Nguyen

Dr. and Mrs. Bennie P. Nobles, Jr.

Ochsner Clinic Foundation

Dr. Pope W. Oden III

Michael L. Odinet, MD

Dr. Richardson M. Odum

Dr. and Mrs. Victor M. Oliver


Orascoptic | Surgical Acuity

Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Benjamin Montegut Ory

Dr. Robert D. Ory, Jr.

David C. Owens, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Owens

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Neil Padgett

Dr. Sanford L. Pailet

Janine S. Parker, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Pastorek

Himanshu M. Patel, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Jeet Patel

Dr. Troy L. Patterson

Dr. Bryan S. Pearson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Peden

Pediatric Dental Care

The Pediatric Liver Foundation of Acadiana

Pediatric Physicians Network, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Peirce

Henry M. Peltier, MD

Gerard F. Peña, MD

Mr. Alston Penfold

Dr. Paul C. Perry

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Persich

Calvin R. Peters, MD

Dr. Edward S. Peters

Geoffrey M. Peters, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Peters, Jr.

Brian J. Petit, MD

Meade H. Phelps, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Austin G. Phillips, Jr.

Dr. Stuart I. Phillips and Dr. Ida Fattel

Ms. Karen B. Pippin

Carl J. Poche, MD

Jerry M. Poche, MD

Carl J. Pope, MD

Martha H. Pope, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Johnny R. Porter

Dr. Joseph R. Porter

Marya J. Porter-Byers, MD

Dr. John R. Provenzano

Donald R. Pulitzer, MD

Q Optics & Quality Aspirators, Inc.

Quest Medical, LLC

Dr. Sherrod L. Quin

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Radzikowski

Sanjeeva T. Reddy, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Albert C. Rees

Reyn Studio

Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Rice

Mark R. Rice, MD

Christopher J. Rich, MD

Kevin B. Riche, MD

Mr. Van A. Ricks, Jr.

Dr. Paul C. Riley

Drs. James Riopelle and Jamie Manders

Ms. Darlene Robert

Jesse E. Roberts, Jr., MD

Thomas S. Roberts, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Fred H. Rodriguez, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. James L. Rodriguez-Rodgers, Jr.

John W. Rogers, MD

Rickey O. Ryals, MD

J. Coogan Ryan, MD

Sarah Ryan Yockey, MD

Donna E. Salzman, MD

Dr. Charles M. Sampognaro

Dr. and Mrs. Roland F. Samson

Dr. and Mrs. Charles V. Sanders, Jr.

Eric A. Sanders, DDS

Dr. Matthew D. Sanderson

Mary T. Sansing, MD

Barry W. Sartin, MD

Carol W. Sartin, MD

F. Clark Sauls, MD

Dr. S. Ben Saunders

Dr. Edward T. Savoy

Patrick S. Savoy, MD

Jon V. Schellack, MD

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

Dr. Jeffrey J. Seiler

Seton Hall University

Dr. John C. Shepard

Sherman & Balhoff Specialists in Orthodontics

Dr. Stephen L. Sherman

Tarannum R. Sherwani, MD

Shreveport Bossier Family Dental Care

Robert J. Sigillito, MD

Theodore J. Sikorski, Jr., MD

Jay R. Silverstein, MD

Jeffrey J. Sketchler, MD

Rosalyn L. Slaughter, MD

Dean G. Smith, PhD

Ms. Bonnie E. Spencer

Spencer Law Firm

Mrs. Juliet Spitzer & Mr. Philip Wachs

Springer SBM, LLC

Katherine A. St. Amant, MD

Lehrue Stevens, Jr., MD

Carl T. Stirling, MD

Ms. Carroll W. Suggs

Jerry W. Sullivan, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Warren R. Summer

Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

SurgiTel General Scientific Corp.

A. John Tassin, Jr., MD

Sidney W. Tate, MD

Victor E. Tedesco IV, MD

Terez Harris, LLC

The Simonds Family Revocable Living Trust

Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting

Craig R. Thompson, MD

Dr. J. Norman Thompson

Enoch M. Toler, MD

David L. Toups, MD

Gault H. Townsend, MD

Dr. Janice Townsend

Roxane A. Townsend, MD

Jayme Trahan, MD

Dr. Edward J. Trapido

Travis W. Hill, MD, LLC

Leon Tsai, MD

Patricia A. Turner, MD

U.S. Army

UNO Pre Dental Society


Uptown Angler

Richard M. Vanlangendonck, Jr., MD

Venice Dental Associates, PA

Dr. Julia Volaufova

Ann T. Vorhaben, MD

Roland S. Waguespack III, MD

Walgreens Company

Drs. Charles and Lucy Borne Walker

Katherine B. Walsh, MD

Jan B. Wampold, MD

Simon V. Ward III, MD

Dr. Mark C. Waring

Dr. James D. Watts

Larry D. Weiss, MD

Dr. Patrick G. Wells

West Jefferson Medical Center

West Texas Maxillofacial Surgery, PA

Mr. Bryan White

Pamela A. White, MD

Brian Whitten, DDS

Donna L. Williams, DrPH

J. Kinabrew Williams, MD

W. Daniel Williamson, MD

Dr. Ralph W. Wilson, Jr.

Charles S. Wingo, MD

Elizabeth D. Winters, MD

Jack C. Winters, MD

Mr. Melvin B. Wolzinger

Dr. Kathleen R. Wren and Mr. Timothy L. Wren

Letah Yang, MD

Mr. Shane Zeringue

Daoling Zhang, MD