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Just Dance from the Heart:
Faculty Family Gives Back

When you live from your heart, you can do no wrong; and that is just what the couple did in October 2016, when they surprised the schools they love with a generous gift to endow two professorships...

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2018 Chicken Jam: Fun & Fried Chicken for a Purpose

Hosted by The Al Copeland Foundation (ACF), the Chicken Jam was conceived as a way to celebrate Al Copeland Sr.’s life, honor his legacy and raise funds for cancer research. This year’s Chicken Jam will be held 5 to 10 p.m. Friday, July 6, in the New Orleans Lakefront Arena. Featuring live performances by local bands, food vendors and, of course, fried chicken, the evening is a much anticipated family-friendly event. Pre-purchase tickets are available online at
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Entrepreneur Al Copeland:
His Fight Against Cancer Continues

When New Orleans-born restaurateur Al Copeland lost his battle with Merkel Cell Carcinoma in 2008, writer Chris Rose wrote, “It’s impossible not to admire the guy, what he did, how he did it and who he made himself to be. That song “My Way”? Yeah, that was his song...

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The Dean
Who Made a Difference

The bills had piled up and Gus had finally accepted the fact that his dream of entering the nursing profession just wasn’t going to happen. The day he appeared at the door of former Dean Helen Dunn to let her know he was dropping out of nursing school was not a happy one...

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